Wild Animals In Africa- The Details You Must Know

Wild Animals In Africa- The Details You Must Know

Wild Animals that consider Africa their home are one of the main reasons booming tourism industry. Among them, thousands of species across the whole animal kingdom honor the observers’ eyesight. They roam around in forests doing daily chores, making for an exotic sight make the nature beautiful. Therefore, let’s look at what more the Wildlife of Africa has to offer?

Wild Animals In Africa- The Details You Must Know
Wild Animals In Africa- The Details You Must Know

Wild Animals In Africa: Aquatic Life

Starting with a rather underrated aspect of African Wildlife is its rich marine life. It often doesn’t appear on many posts online that describe the fantastic beauty of Africa as they tend to focus on the Terra firma. But, Africa is the richest continent of freshwater fish with about 3000 species. The East African Great Lakes Victoria, Malawi, and Tanganyika are the center of biodiversity of many fish, especially the Cichlids as they hold more than two-thirds of the estimated 2000 species in the family. The West African coastal rivers contain 322 West African fish species, with 247 restricted to this area and 129 restricted even to smaller ranges. The central rivers comprise of 194 fish species, with 119 native to the region and only 33 restricted to small areas. The marine diversity is greatest near the Indian Ocean shore with about 2000 species.

Wild Animals In Africa: Mammals

Africa has been endowed with an astonishingly wide array of mammals, as it contains over 1100 different mammal species. The East-African plains are well known for their diversity of large mammals. Just to give you a little bit of context, here is the variety of Rabbits and Hares found in Africa. The list heads from Riverine rabbit, Bunyoro rabbit, Cape hare, Scrub hare, Ethiopian highland hare, and Abyssinian hare. Africa also has the longest list of ungulates. It includes the African Buffalo, Wildebeest, True Gazelle, Warthogs, Hippopotamus and many more that cannot be mentioned in this article. Moreover, Africa contains 64 species of primates which include the aforementioned Vervets, Colobuses, Baboons, Macaques, etc. Four species of the great apes are native to Africa, they include the famous western Gorilla, eastern Gorilla, the Common Chimpanzee, and the Bonobo.

Wild Animals In Africa: Birds

More than 2600 species of birds exist in Africa which include the temporary migrating birds. They are the permanent residents of Africa. The endemic bird families include Ostriches, Mesites, Sunbirds and the Secretary Bird. Other birds include various types of parrots (Lovebirds, Poicephalus, Psittacus), Cranes (Crowned canes, Blue crane, Wattled crane) and various birds of prey include the buzzards, harriers, Old World vultures, etc.

Furthermore, Africa is home to numerous songbirds. For example, Antpeckers, Olivebacks, Bluebills, Seedcrackers, White-necked Raven, Cape Crow, and countless other songbirds.

The Big Five: Most Wanted

All the above-mentioned animals spread across different parts of the animal kingdom provide a distinct variety to the keen observer. However, the list of Wild Animals in Africa would be incomplete if it didn’t contain the “Big Five.”

However, they are the African Lions, African Cheetahs, African Leopards, African Elephants, and the White Rhinoceros. These animals are the most craved sights for all the tourists who embark on the African Safari.

Wild Animals In Africa- The Details You Must Know
Wild Animals In Africa- The Details You Must Know


Summing up the article, we can conclude the beauty of the African land lies in its disconnection with the concrete jungle and its proximity to nature. Importantly, the wild animals of Africa showcase the engineering marvels of nature. And hence, they are far superior to that of any of the engineering marvels of humans.

Wild Animals of Africa is considered as a rich biodiversity of nature.

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