What Is A Safari Trip? Know With Us

What Is A Safari Trip? Know With Us

Throughout the 20th century, the word safari has been used more and more and was synonymous with great adventures and trips to distant countries, or at least that reflected films such as Mogambo or Las Minas del Rey Solomón. But, although this term continues to evoke an adventure excursion, travelers who decide to spend their safari holidays are not at risk. Additionally, the vast majority of these visits are respectful of the fauna and flora of the environment since nowadays hunting is prohibited. Because many of these animals are in danger of extinction.

The Origins Of The Safari

The word “safari” comes from Swahili, taken in turn from a term in the Arabic language that simply means travel. This concept began to be used in sub-Saharan Africa from the 18th century to indicate the trips made by merchants who transported all kinds of goods.

Later, in the late nineteenth century and thanks to the adventures of naturalists and explorers such as William John Burchell, Thomas Ayres, and Gustav Adolf Fischer the term began to acquire another meaning. According to the new definition, it is the study of the wildlife of the African continent. At that time, in full colonization, with these intrepid adventurers, European hunters came to search larger prey. Therefore, the safari found its use as hunting excursions.

These types of trips became very famous. The former president of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt, undertook a safari of proportions never seen in order to fill the Museum of Natural History in New York with African animals.

In total, the hunts were more than 11,000 specimens. Among them, 500 belonged to the big five (elephants, lions,

From Hunting To Photography

After several decades of emptying the contents of its most spectacular species, the owners of the lands where these types of excursions were carried out realized the mistake they were making and sought a solution to continue profiting their land. They found it in sustainable tourism and lovers of adventure trips that respect the environment. This is how they began offering excursions to protect and conserve their natural wealth.

Currently, the term safari continues to imply the idea of a trip to distant lands. Though, it is not for the purpose of hunting.

It is simply used to warn wild animals in a protected area, which are usually natural reserves and national parks. In this way, the only shots that animals receive today are those of the visitor’s photo cameras.

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What Is A Safari Trip? Know With Us
What Is A Safari Trip? Know With Us


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What Is A Safari Trip? Know With Us
What Is A Safari Trip? Know With Us


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