Top Ideas About Evening Desert Safari

Desert Safari

An Evening Desert Safari is a great way to relax and unwind during your holidays to Dubai. This two-part adventure can be undertaken in one day or over two days.

Explore Dubai over one day by taking a city tour which touches on all the important historical and cultural sites. Head into the desert for a night safari, to a Bedouin campsite where you will enjoy traditional Arabic food and entertainment. On the second day of your safari, you can return home by car but if you want to explore the nightlife of Dubai, then hop onto the metro and get off at one of the city’s many metro stations.

Desert Safari Is Fun

After spending some time in the deserts, make your way down to the beaches of the famous Emirates and see the spectacular Palm Islands. Spend a relaxing afternoon enjoying the sunset on the pristine sands of Bur Dubai. Then, enjoy an afternoon at one of the many theme parks, amusement parks, water parks, or golf resorts. Afterwards, spend the rest of the day sightseeing all over the city including its skyscrapers and landmarks.

Top Ideas About Evening Desert Safari
Top Ideas About Evening Desert Safari

The best time to visit Dubai is in the middle of the summer, between April and June. During this time of the year, there are plenty of activities to see, and many things to experience. You can visit the World Cup 2020 soccer tournament or go on a walking tour of the desert.

One of the main things you will see on your evening desert safari is the Dubai’s beautiful Al Boom Mountains. It is here where you can walk through the sand dunes in comfort as well as take a look at a breathtaking view of the Arabian Ranches and the surrounding desert. The Al Boom is also home to some of the most beautiful hotels and gardens in Dubai. For a more romantic experience, consider visiting the desert wedding venues situated here.

During your evening desert safari, take in the natural beauty of the area at the Dubai Creek. The creek is an ideal spot for snorkelling and diving because it is one of the most beautiful places to fish in the world. Once you have taken your first breath underwater, you will find a lot to explore in the area; so don’t hesitate to try a few dives.

Desert Safari Is Loved By People

At night, you can also check out the Dubai’s famous Al Maktoum Water Park which is one of the biggest in the Middle East. For an adventure experience worth remembering, try a balloon ride across the waters of the Al Maktoum. You can also check out the city’s water sports such as water skiing and white water rafting.

Top Ideas About Evening Desert Safari
Top Ideas About Evening Desert Safari

After your night safari, you can head back to Dubai by car but if you want to explore more of the city on foot, you can also explore Dubai in a bus. There are many buses available in the city which are suitable for any kind of tour, and you can even ride them from Dubai’s city centre to the suburbs. You can also find buses which provide you with tours to the different parts of the city. Once you reach your accommodation, you can return home by foot but if you want to enjoy the sights and sounds of the city better, you can get into a car.

Once you have finished your trip in Dubai, there is still time to visit the Emirates Club before returning home. It is here that you can experience a unique shopping experience and get the chance to witness some of the best showpieces of the region in action.

If you are planning to visit Dubai during the summer season, you can take a short drive to the Palm Jumeirah and then return home via air. The Palm Jumeirah is a small island off the shores of Dubai. Here you will be able to enjoy a boat trip through the Palm Jumeirah and get the chance to take in the sights of the famous Al-Azroumi citadel and its surroundings.


So if you are looking for an evening desert safari that will allow you to explore the region and get the chance to take in the sunsets, water sports, the culture, the people, and the history, you will be delighted with an evening desert safari in Dubai. This is the perfect way to spend your break in Dubai. It’s the ideal way to take in all that Dubai has to offer.

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