Top 10 Safari Animals In Africa

Top 10 Safari Animals In Africa

Africa is well-known for its abundance in nature and animals. Hence, we have come up with a list of Top 10 safari animals in Africa to add to your knowledge.

The African Elephant

The males measure about 3 meters high and weigh 5 to 6 tons because they are the largest animals on Earth. The females are a bit smaller and reach approximately half the weight. They have long ivory fangs.

Chameleon In Safari Animals

He is the king of camouflage, although depending on his species (there are more than 160 types) they vary greatly in size and colors. They have a fast and elongated tongue that they use to hunt insects, and their eyes can move independently.

Top 10 Safari Animals In Africa
Top 10 Safari Animals In Africa

The Ostrich

It is the largest and heaviest bird in the world of all safari animals. Its name comes from the Greek and means ‘big sparrow-like a camel’. It is unable to fly and its eggs weigh 1 to 2 kilos and reach about 25 centimeters. It is the fastest animal on two legs, reaching 70 kilometers per hour.

The Nile Crocodile In Safari Animals

These safari animals species of crocodile not only inhabits the Nile River, but it is also found in freshwater lakes and rivers throughout Africa. Currently, one of the largest colonies lives in Lake Nasser. It is the second-largest species in the world, can reach 6 meters long and weigh up to 730 kilos.

The Giraffe

Its most characteristic feature is its long neck thanks to which it reaches the most tender leaves of the treetops. It has spotted skin and is the tallest animal on earth, measuring almost 6 meters.

The Hoopoe In Safari Animals

They are migratory birds that live in Africa, but also in Europe and Asia during certain months of the year. They inhabit dry regions, clear forests and fruit areas. Its head is adorned by a plume of feathers that extend like a fan. Relatives of the Kingfisher, these birds are considered ‘heavenly messengers who bring news about the advent of spring’ in the East.

The Zebra

They are equine with fur-lined by black and white stripes. It is one of the most famous safari animals in Africa, measuring about 2.5 meters in length and 1.5 meters high in the back area, weighing about 385 kg.

The Lion

Although it is often called ‘the King of the jungle’, in reality, this carnivorous mammal lives in the savanna. It is the second-largest cat on the planet, behind the tiger, and males can weigh 250 kg. Males are characteristic for their mane and females are responsible for hunting. They usually attack during sunset and night hours and can reach 60 km per hour.

The Facocero

Although it always tends to think that ‘Pumba’, Simba’s adventure companion in the Lion King, is a wild boar, it actually belongs to this safari animal species, also known as ‘warthog boar’. They inhabit the south of the Sahara and feed on tubers. They don’t build their burrows, they occupy those they find abandoned.

Top 10 Safari Animals In Africa
Top 10 Safari Animals In Africa

The Gorilla

It inhabits the forests of Central Africa and is the largest of the primates. The adult males, older than 12, have a spot of silver hair that covers their back. They live in groups and organize themselves so that most adults take responsibility for the rest and safety and well-being.

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