The African Elephant: A Real Gem Of Australia

The African Elephant: A Real Gem Of Australia

The African elephant is the largest living mammals on earth and usually docile creatures. There are currently two types in the world, and they are the African elephant (Loxodonta Africana) and the Asian elephant (Elephas Maximus).

The male of the African species is 4 meters in height and can weigh up to 7 tons, which makes them the largest land animal in existence. In addition to this, another important feature of these animals is the presence of different physical characteristics of a different gender. For example, females have ivory teeth and the same is their badge of being different from males, which weighs about 70 kilograms each.

The African Elephant: A Real Gem Of Australia
The African Elephant: A Real Gem Of Australia

One of Africa’s Big 5 members, African elephants, are the only survivors of over 600 gigantic species. It has inhabited the earth for millions of years, and they exist in abundance in Africa. Doing an elephant safari is possible even in various parks and reserves in Africa. There are an estimated 500,000 elephants living in freedom on the continent. For example, Addo Elephant National Park and home to more than 600 of these large animals offer an incredible elephant safari.

The Behavior Of African Elephant Is Motivated Through Certain Ways:

  • Feeding
  • Social integration with others
  • Avoiding dangers.

These animals have a complex social system. Studies through researchers say that they communicate through visual signals, tactical signals and a vast repertoire of low-frequency sounds. According to them, the signal can be heard only to few miles away.

Furthermore, they are herbivores and feed mainly on tree leaves, herbs, roots, fruits, and grasses, and can eat for about 16 hours a day and sleep for hours. An ordinary elephant can eat about 100 pounds of food daily, for instance, which is way too much. However, the most typical physical characteristics of elephants are their long trunk, which is an adaptation of the nose. These animals use this organ to smell and taste, pick up all sorts of things, make sounds.

Know Where To Find These Majestic Creatures

African elephant lives almost everywhere in Africa, especially in Uganda, South Africa, Kenya, and Tanzania. In South Africa, these giants reside in one of the numerous wildlife reserves and parks. In comparison to other, Addo Elephant National Park is one of the most popular destinations for elephants. It is located along the famous Ruta de Los Jardines  (Garden Route) in the Eastern Cape.

Visitors would not find it far from the attractions of  Cape Town. The park offers malaria-free territory with all the Big 5 and possibly the densest elephant population on the planet. In addition to scenic beauty, The healthy environment of the park ensures a unique experience for those who are passionate about elephants.

The African Elephant: A Real Gem Of Australia
The African Elephant: A Real Gem Of Australia

Summing up the above case study you can consider them worth studying. Hence, you can find elephants at Camp Jabulani Lodge in the Kaparma Private Animal Reserve, which is next to Kruger Park. Importantly, here the five-star luxury accommodations will be almost unnoticed because of the dominant presence herd. Certainly, it will be your guide and vehicles during your stay at the camp. No doubt, Camp Jabulani’s elephant safari will offer you a unique and memorable African experience.

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