Stop Wasting Time And Start Camp Okavango


Camp Okavango in Botswana is the perfect way to get away from it all for a month long getaway that will make your head spin. Camp Okavongos is located in the middle of the beautiful Okavango delta, assuring an amazing year-round water wilderness experience. The stunning Okavongos Delta is an oasis of water where Botswana’s majestic Okavong Delta is a maze of lakes, lagoons and vast underground channels covering almost an entire area of more than 16,000 km2 in shrinking and waterless state.

This is such a great opportunity for those who love the natural beauty of Africa. You may not have to worry about the weather because Botswana is located at the heart of Africa and you can expect moderate temperatures during the summer season. The rainy season however, is when the whole Delta becomes an almost jungle environment with mosquitoes and frogs everywhere.

Camp Okavango Is Beautiful

The best time to visit the Okavongos Delta is from November to April as it gets dry. And the vegetation starts to change. If you are going to stay here for longer than a month, you can certainly enjoy the wonderful view of the Okavongos Delta and the surrounding vegetation with your camera. If you wish to go camping in Botswana, camping in Okavongos is also very popular among backpackers. And holiday makers who want to get away from it all.


There are two different campsites for each group. There are campsites for families with kids, adults and families without children. Each camp has its own amenities and activities. Some of these activities include walking through the nature reserve and exploring the various campsites, boating, fishing, swimming, horse riding, camping, trekking, etc.

The campsite is located on the western edge of the Nxarga River. And is surrounded by lush green trees, dense bushes and grasslands. This place also has some of the best camping options available in the world. In order to reach this campsite, you have to take a Jeep to the Nxarga River where you can camp in either the village or the Nxarga River campsites. The village campsites are much closer to the main city of Gaborone than the River campsites. But have much less facilities and amenities.

You can easily get to Nxarga from Gaborone via helicopter. It’s recommended that you travel to Botswana by road as there is no public transport to reach this campsite. As soon as you arrive in Gaborone, get to the cabins and hire a car to take you to the campsite.

Camp Okavango Is Loved By People

There is nothing better than camping in Okavongos! You will be awed by the landscape and the wildlife and spend a very relaxing and memorable night out on the river. Camping in Botswana will give you the chance to see and smell the exotic flora and fauna of Africa and savor the view from your sleeping quarters. You can also enjoy many other activities like fishing, hunting, and rafting.

To get the most out of your stay in Botswana, there are certain things that you can do when visiting Camp Okavongos. You can go boating, trekking and fishing. These activities will enhance your experience of camping.

Stop Wasting Time And Start Camp Okavango
Stop Wasting Time And Start Camp Okavango

Boating is one of the most popular activities in Botswana. You will be able to go out into the waters of Okavango Delta. And enjoy the great views of the plains. There are two main boating companies in Botswana that offer the best boating services and the trip will last for about three days.

If you like to fish, then the most recommended way to go to Okavongos is by canoe or kayak. The local people of Botswana will be able to help you get started and guide you through the river. Kayaking through the waters of Okavongos will give you a great opportunity to get to know the wildlife of Botswana.

If you are looking for a unique opportunity to camp out in the wilds of Botswana, then you can try Kangasongo bushwalking. The best time to try this adventure is during the dry season, between June and November. The Kangasongo bushwalking is an experience like no other and it is a challenge for even the toughest of adventurers.


You can also try the unique opportunity of rafting the Nxarga River. Which is not only an adventure but it’s a wonderful way to pass a leisurely time away from your busy schedules. Once you complete this experience, you will have to take a boat to your campsite where you will be able to eat and rest your weary muscles. The River can be challenging at times, but the experience will be worthwhile.

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