Safari Holidays: An Abundant Wilderness To Explore

Safari Holidays: An Abundant Wilderness To Explore

Safari Holidays has become a very niche tour for reconnecting with the roots of nature and ourselves, but what does it have that triggers so many people to have a special Safari Holiday? That’s what we’ll see in this article. So, continue reading!

Having A Break

In this era of urbanization and minute routines, it has become quite popular to have vacations in places where natural surroundings are dominant to get a break from the hectic schedules and the materialistic life almost all of us live. Nature is abundantly vivid, and so are the vacation spots that offer nature as it’s the main attraction. One can go to Finland to enjoy the spotless white snowy surface while living in a one-way transparent cabin to enjoy the view. They can go to East or Southern Africa to enjoy the sight of the rising sun in the middle of a forest, hearing the animals calling it a night in various different ways and sensing the peace of being in the untamed wilderness. Yes, that’s what a Safari Holiday feels like. Let’s see where and why.

Safari Holidays: An Abundant Wilderness To Explore
Safari Holidays: An Abundant Wilderness To Explore

Safari Holidays: Kenya

East Africa, widely regarded by scientists across the world as the birthplace of us Homo Sapiens, now mainly the regions of Kenyateems with the “Big Five” animals, the Lion, the Cheetah, the Leopard, the Elephant, and the Rhinoceros. It is in the Maasai Mara Reserve in Kenya where these magnificent beasts can be observed, along with the Wildebeest Migration which is thought to be one of the seven modern wonders of the world. Animals such as Zebras and Antelopes can also be sighted.

Safari Holidays: Botswana

Chobe National Park in Botswana has four distinct ecosystems, which means that the diversity in the range of species of birds and animals is incredible. A particular part of the park, known as Savuti Marsh offers the highest concentration of wildlife across the year. But, Chobe Park is most famous for it’s a surprisingly high number of elephants, with the estimated count being 120000.

Safari Holidays: Zambia

If anyone prefers walking safaris over jeeps, then, the South Luangwa National Park in eastern Zambia is the place to be as it offers a chance to get up close with the wildlife. It has a healthy count of elephants, antelopes, lions, and also contains several river-dwelling species such as Hippopotamus and the Nile Crocodile. Also, it is argued by many that it is the place to watch wild leopards, plus it also has several bird species for those bird-enthusiasts.

Safari Holidays: Tanzania

Serengeti National Park of Tanzania shares a border with Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve. It is larger than the latter, and as such it doesn’t feel crowded. It’s famous Savannah grasslands make for classic safari panoramas as shown in various TV shows and movies. It is with lone acacia trees here and there grazing herds of Zebras and Antelopes. The time to visit this park is between November to June. Because the great Wildebeest Migration is ongoing, as Zebras and Wildebeest gather to graze and mate. This also makes for the ideal situation to watch the Giant Cats in action.

Honourable Mentions

It is hard to describe everything about different places that are high on the bucket list for travellers to see and experience during Safari Holidays. But here are a few parks that deserve a mention in the list:

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda is famous for its high population of Mountain Gorillas. Then there’s the Hwange National Park of Zimbabwe where the ever-elusive African Dog is supposed to be observed the most. This park also teams with large herds of Buffalo.

Safari Holidays: An Abundant Wilderness  To Explore
Safari Holidays: An Abundant Wilderness To Explore

Memories Of A Lifetime

Safari Holidays, due to its very distinct nature hosts one of the most entertaining and elegant experiences and allows the tourist to reconnect with untamed wilderness. Safari Holidays are a must for anyone to go at least once in their lifetime.

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