African Animals That Only Live In Africa

African Animals That Only Live In Africa

The giraffe, the lion, the zebra … Your children certainly know these animals, but do they know that they are strictly African Animals? Discover their way of life as a family.

Some animals live all over the world, others only like in specific areas of the world. This is the case of polar bears and arctic foxes that only move in the North Pole, for example.

Some African Animals


The zebra is a herbivore living in central and southern Africa. It looks strangely like the horse or the donkey but unlike them, it is not domesticable and remains wild despite any attempt. This funny animal presents a characteristic dress of his own. Indeed, the latter is composed of white and black stripes. Surprisingly, his tapes serve as “barcodes” for scientists because each zebra has unique bands. They work the same way as fingerprints.

The Giraffe

Cousin of okapi, with its long neck and its skin all spotted, impossible to miss the giraffe, which holds the title of the largest land animal. It is a ruminant animal that lives in the African savannahs, from Chad to South Africa. It was previously named “camelopard” because of its leopard-like stains and its long, camel-like neck.


The fennec also called “fox of the sands”, is part of the fox family. What sets him apart from his red cousin are his big ears, his sand-colored coat, and his little snout. He is also the smallest member of the canid family (the same dog family) and lives in the desert. Omnivorous, it feeds on small mice, insects and also fruits.

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African Animals That Only Live In Africa
African Animals That Only Live In Africa


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African Animals That Only Live In Africa
African Animals That Only Live In Africa


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