African Animals: Here Are The Greatest Ones!

African Animals: Here Are The Greatest Ones!

African animals are popular across the world. Moreover, if you want to take an African Safari Tour you will be meeting a wide variety of African Animals on your journey. You can easily observe these wild animals through safari vehicles or while being on the ground. The safari buses bring you close to the wilderness and you get to see the wild animals in their natural habitat.

Sometimes, when people think of wild animals they imagine large cats or lions, but the large animals in Africa are not as big as their wild counterparts and look more like a mouse than a lion. Here are some examples of wild animals that you may have an opportunity to view while on your African Safari Tour.

African Cheetahs are the biggest cats that live in Africa. They can weigh up to a ton and can run as fast as sixty miles per hour. They are primarily hunters and take down their prey with their powerful jaws. Cheetahs are popular for their powerful bite, which is why you will hear their roar on the safari buses.

African Animals: Here Are The Greatest Ones!
African Animals: Here Are The Greatest Ones!

African Animals: Why Are Giraffes So Popular?

Giraffes are the largest animals that are found in Africa. They are highly intelligent and well versed in their language. They are also the only animals that can go from water to land without breaking a sweat.

Boas are the largest cats in Africa and are extremely strong and can kill a human with one blow. They are extremely dangerous and are most commonly seen on the Savannah with their childlike playfulness.

Impalas are the largest land-dwelling mammals in Africa and they can stand up to seven feet tall. Their hair has the ability to change color with the change of their mood.

The “King of Beasts” was a Boa Constrictor named King Agassiz and was said to have been the biggest non-flying animal ever. There are still many pictures and videos that are found to be of a gigantic King Agassiz that is on display at zoos around the world.

The great ape is the closest living relative to man and is also the largest living creature on earth. When a lion hunts, they are aided by a great ape that helps grab the prey and carry it into the lion’s mouth. The great apes are mainly found in Africa and are made up of four species: chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas and orangutans.

What About Monkeys?

The monkeys in Australia are famous for their ability to imitate humans and have been used as exotic pets in many Australian zoos. They are quiet creatures and can blend into any situation. If you get the chance to view them in person, you will notice how their hands are always moving all over their bodies even though they do not speak.

African Animals: Here Are The Greatest Ones!
African Animals: Here Are The Greatest Ones!

The African Green Papaya will definitely take you by surprise. It is unknown how the Papaya got its name, but it is considered one of the largest fruits in the world. As a fruit, it is very sweet and very large and can weigh up to two hundred pounds.

The most interesting part of an African Safari Tour is seeing how these animals adapt to their environment. When you witness the animals interacting, it will amaze you how they hold respect for one another.

Wild animals like lions and leopards actually fight each other for dominance, which is why it is very rare to see them come together. Even though they do not fight, it is often common for them to go into the same area at the same time to avoid being spotted. It is believed that they fight for territory or just for fun.

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