African Animals: A Complete List Of To Explore

African Animals: Complete List To Know

Nature has bestowed its blessings on the African continent in the form of rich flora and fauna. They are the main attractions of millions of tourists visiting this continent from all over the world. The people, there, live closest to nature and treat it as a god. And why not would they? Nature provides them with everything they need whether to make money or live peacefully. Here, you will learn about the African animals dwelling in the lap of Africa and making it heaven on earth.

African Animals: Cheetah

African Animals: Complete List To Know
African Animals: Complete List To Know

We have an image of cheetah in our minds as a fast-running predator. That is what the introduction of cheetah should be as they are among the fastest hunters of the world. Locating a cheetah on your safari trip is quite difficult as they always hide in bushes or grasses.

African Animals: Leopard

Being the fastest running organism on the earth, leopards are harder to spot as their day starts with the sunset. It is believed that the South Luangwa National Park in Zambia has the highest density of leopards in Africa. Well, you can find them all over Africa if you are lucky enough to spot them

African Animals: Lion

Since lions prefer to hunt in the early morning or at night, you need to do a little more effort to see them in action. During day time, they prefer to lie lazily. They generally live in pride.

Spotted Hyena

Africa is home to this predator which neither falls underdog nor in cat category. Hyenas are very sharp hunters and live in packs.

Wild Dog

Wild dogs are among the rarest predators of Africa. They hunt during the day time and generally feed on small animals. Only the dominating female of the pack can have pups, rest take care of them.


Rhinos are one of the most primitive mammals that faced a point of extinction due to relentless hunting. Even today they come under endangered species. Mainly two types of rhinos dwell in Africa- the white rhino in the north and the black ones.


Elephants are the crown of Africa as the African elephants are the largest land mammals on earth. These smart animals can recognize their group members and maintain a healthy co-ordinated relationship with them.


A group of buffaloes relaxing in rivers or running through the forest is one of the most eye-catching things in Africa. These large animals can be very dangerous if wounded or disturbed.


African Animals: Complete List To Know
African Animals: Complete List To Know

Africa is not only popular for the above-mentioned animals, but also due to a sheer variety of birds. There is, in fact, a separate avi-tourism industry which makes an experience of bird-watching amazing. There are as many as 725 bird species in Africa with some of the birds joining them after migration. They migrate from all over the world to Africa making it a perfect spot for bird lovers.

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